TFL50 Dry Lube has the highest concentration of non-stick coatings available. It covers any surface and makes it as slippery as ice on ice. Unlike petroleum based lubes, it is clean, non-staining and anti-corrosive. Frankly it is unfair to call it just a lubricant. TFL50 Dry passes military specifications MIL-L-60326(mu)Type I.

Use TFL50 Cleaner Degreaser to dissolve grease, grime, synthetic and petroleum based lubes. This powerful product air dries producing a clean, dry surface requiring no rinsing. Excellent for cleaning bearings, chains, guide rods and other surfaces in preparation for lubrication. CFC Free.

TFL50 Wet Lube is a deep penetrating lubricant that does not attract dirt and dust. Unlike silicone sprays and grease, this thin film lubricant will not get gummy, gooey or tacky. This lubricant passes military specifications MIL-C-16173D Grade 3.

TFL50 is not available in retail outlets. The easiest and fastest way to order is via our via our shopping cart.

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TFL50 is not available in retail outlets and the easiest way to order is via our website.
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The Tariff code is same for both Wet & Dry Lube : 3403 99 0000 N9
Wet Lube is "Aerosols, non-flammable" UN1950 class 2.2
Dry Lube is "Aerosols, flammable" UN1950 class 2.1


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Product Information

TFL50 Dry Lube passes military specifications MIL-L-60326(mu) Type I.

TFL50 Wet Lube passes military specifications MIL-C-16173D Grade 3.

Click on the links below to view our MSDS & SDS Information Sheets.

SDS-TFL50 Dry Lube
SDS-TFL50 Wet Lube 1 Gal
SDS-TFL50 Wet Lube aero

Date codes

The manufacture date is located on the bottom of the can and is as follows:
First 2 digits YEAR Next 3 digits DAY of YEAR HS designates can MFG Last 4 digits TIME OF DAY(military time)
The product has a shelf life of 3 years from the date of manufacture.